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Reading Olympics for Teens


2020 Middle School Reading Olympics Booklist

  • Almost Home/ Bauer
  • Audacity/ Crowder
  • Chasing Lincoln's Killer/ Swanson
  • Closed for the Season/ Hahn
  • Code Orange/ Cooney
  • Courage Has No Color: The True Story of Triple Nickles/ Stone
  • Double Idenity/ Haddix
  • Fish in a Tree: A Novel/ Hunt
  • Hero/ Lupica
  • Holes/ Sachar
  • House Arrest/ Holt
  •  I Am Malala/ Yousafzai
  • Invisible Emmie/ Libenson
  • Peter and the Starcatchers/ Barry
  • Projekt 1065: A Novel of WWII/ Gratz
  • Resistance/ Nielsen
  • Restart/ Korman
  • Surviving Hitler: A Boy in the Nazi Death Camps/ Warren
  • The Crossover/ Alexander
  • The Honest Truth/ Gemeinhart
  • The Night Gardener/ Auxier
  • Uglies/ Westerfeld
  • Waiting for Normal/ Connor
  • Woods Runner/ Paulsen
  • Zane and the Hurricane: A Story of Katrina/ Philbrick

2020 High School Reading Olympics Booklist

  • A Curse So Dark and Lonely/ Kemmerer
  • All the Bright Places/ Niven
  • All the Light We Cannot See/ Doerr
  • Chandra's Secrets/ Stratton
  • Copper Sun/ Draper
  • Darius the Great is Not OK/ Khorran
  • Dear Martin/ Stone
  • Dirty Little Secrets/ Omololu
  • Elanor and Park/ Rowell
  • I Have Lost My Way/ Forman
  • I'll Give You the Sun/ Nelson
  • King of Scars/ Bardugo
  • Lesson Before Dying/ Gaines
  • Num8ers/ Ward
  • Pointe/ Colbert
  • Seafire/ Parker
  • Slaughterhouse Five/ Vonnegut
  • Sold/ McCormick
  • Stitches: A Memoir/ Small
  • The Night Circus/ Morgenstern
  • The Poet X/ Acevedo
  • Two Can Keep a Secret/ McManus
  • We Were Liars/ Lockhart
  • What If It's Us/ Albertall
  • Winger/ Smith


For the elementary school reading list, go to Reading Olympics for Children.

Learn more about the Reading Olympics program.





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