A Case for Poetry

April is National Poetry Month. Now, I know a lot of people who say they dislike poetry. Their reasons vary but I would argue that most of the reasons would disappear if they understood what mediums count as poetry. Why would I argue the point? Because poetry is all around us.

Poetry is in the songs we sing in the car, it ripples through our minds as we observe a gorgeous sunset, or when we gaze at a loved one. All of us can do a simple rhyme that can become a song or a silly bit of nonsense when we allow ourselves to be a little creative.

Poetry doesn’t have to be beautiful or rhyme, it is about the soul of the person looking for words to describe emotions or feelings when words can hardly describe the situation. We can be direct or indirect in the format. We can add pictures, music, or silence to increase the understanding of those listening. Look for the feeling or emotion in that song and then listen to it and see if you can find the poetry during this poetry month.

We have included a list of items available at Grundy Library that are books of poems or novels written in verse.