Preschool Ready: Routines!

This month’s Preschool Ready series post includes some fun books and activities about routines for little ones aged 0-5. One of the most important aspects of getting ready for preschool or kindergarten is getting used to a daily routine. Having a set schedule that’s realistic and flexible allows little ones to grow, experience a sense of stability, and explore their environments.

PBS has a great article about daily routines for further reading.

Below are some fun picture books about routines as well as some activity ideas:


  • Ask little ones to help plan out the day or have them re-tell you what happened during the day.
  • Put together a visual schedule that you use at home. You can make it interactive by turning it into a matching game with times and activities.
  • Read a picture book about routines and have your little one put the scenes of the book in order.