Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Room Policy

The Margaret R. Grundy Memorial Library is a private organization operated under the auspices of The Grundy Foundation and governed by a Board of Trustees. The Trustees reserve the right to change this Policy of accommodation without notice, and have unfettered discretion to deny any individual or organization access to the Library space, its materials, or programs if it is in the best interests of the Foundation to do so.

Policy Statement:

Use of Grundy Library’s Meeting Rooms is primarily for Foundation-sponsored programs and meetings. When not required for Foundation activities, non-profit groups (registered as nonprofit with IRS), government entities, and local school officials may reserve a space for meetings that are open to the general public. All public programs must be coordinated directly with Library staff. Use of the Grundy Library’s Meeting Rooms does not constitute Foundation endorsement of the beliefs or ideas expressed by the organization using the space. By using a Meeting Room, you agree to follow this policy.

Meeting Rooms:

Exhibit Room – Maximum capacity 20Snyder Room 2 – Maximum capacity 31
Snyder Room 1 – Maximum capacity 32Snyder Rooms 1 & 2 (combined) –
Maximum capacity 68

General Guidelines:

  • All meetings must be free and open to the general public – except as required by law.
  • Non-profit groups (registered as nonprofit with IRS), government entities, and local school officials may reserve Library Meeting Rooms for meetings. All Foundation-sponsored programs/meetings take precedence in scheduling these rooms. 
  • Rooms may be used for cultural, civic, informational, and educational meetings but not for tutoring, fundraising, sales, business  or commercial concerns, self promotion, or purely social purposes. All political and religious advocacy is prohibited.
  • Groups may only use Meeting Rooms for public programs and/or events if Library Administration has explicitly agreed to co-sponsor the event. In such cases, Library staff will coordinate all aspects including marketing.
  • The Library’s name, address, telephone number, etc. may not be used as contact information for individuals and/or groups, nor may individuals or groups publicize their meetings or events in such a way to imply Library sponsorship.
  • Use of the Grundy Library’s meeting rooms and all other spaces is governed by the Library’s policies including, but not limited to, the Foundation’s Behavior Policy. Use of any space in the Library must not interfere with Library operations or require care or service beyond what is normal and routine.
  • All minors must be under direct adult supervision at all times while using rooms. At least one (1) adult must be present for every ten (10) minors under the age of 18 years of age.  It is incumbent upon the group requesting the room to assure that all required Child Abuse History Clearances and Criminal Background Checks have been performed.

Reserving a Meeting Room:

  • Use of Meeting Rooms may be requested by completing an Application for Use of Meeting Room, which is available at the Service Desk. The legal representative of the group registering to use any meeting room must be 18 years old or older, be present at the function, and assume responsibility for the group.
  • Meeting Rooms may be reserved up to three (3) months in advance and up to one (1) week before meeting. A group may reserve the room up to twelve (12) times per year unless the Library Director has explicitly made an exception.
  • All meetings must be held during the Library’s hours of operation and end fifteen (15) minutes before the Library closes. This includes setup and take down.
  • All groups using the meeting rooms are responsible for meeting set-up and for returning the room to its original condition.
  • Library equipment, technology, and supplies are not available for meeting use.
  • Nothing can be affixed to meeting room walls or ceilings. Any damage to the meeting room and meeting room contents is the responsibility of the organization registered as the user of the facilities.
  • The representative of the group must check in with Library staff at the Service Desk upon arrival and upon leaving. Report number of meeting attendees to staff when leaving.

*Failure to comply with this Policy will result in immediate cessation of privileges afforded per this Policy*

For additional information about using Grundy Library meeting rooms, please visit the Service Desk or call 215-788-7891 ext. 6.