Fiero Code…Now at Grundy Library!

The Grundy Library is beginning to offer Fiero Code, a new learn-to-code software in December 2023. Through this web-based educational software, kids will learn computer programming skills through a series of tutorials and projects. They will work towards building websites, video games, phone apps, animations and more. All while learning how to become better problem solvers and critical thinkers!

The software is geared for kids ages 8-18 years, but will also be available to adult learners. Participants will be guided through a learning journey that includes project-based learning, story-based learning, and incorporates many fun gamification elements. 

With Fiero Code’s help, Grundy Library is excited to resume in-person coding programs in January 2024 including:

  • Code Club – a weekly opportunity for students to code and learn together
  • Coding competitions – run through the library, these competitions give students a chance to win prizes for coding projects they complete