Gratitude as Self Care

Did you know that studies have proved that people who are grateful for what they do have tend to be more content and have a more positive outlook on life? Grateful people have less stress, which means they sleep better, have stronger immune systems, and experience more positive emotions. (1)

How can you practice gratitude?

A. Say “Thank you”

It may seem obvious since this is a lesson we are taught when we are young, but many don’t remember to say it. Anytime someone serves you or does something for you, take a moment to acknowledge their work. It brings a smile to the faces of those in the service industry and makes friends and family feel acknowledged.

B. Journal it

Take 5 minutes to write down one or two things that made you smile today. They don’t have to be significant or important, but playing with a pet or eating a really amazing meal can all be written in a journal. Then at the end of each week, you can review your journal to see all the wonderful things that happened.

C. S.T.O.P.

This acronym is sometimes used when practicing gratitude or mindfulness which allows you to help re-focus and change your perspective. The letter “S” is for Stopping, taking a break, and pausing your current task. Which leads to the “T”, take a deep breath. The “O” is telling us to observe. Observe what is going on around you, what is going on in your head, there are areas in your body where you are holding in tension. If so then breathe into that area and mindfully relax and stretch. The “P” stands for proceeding with purpose. If there are areas where you are struggling, this letter allows us to change our scene or circumstances. (2)


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