Books to Help Teach Baby Sign Language

As our little ones grow, we’re always looking for ways to help them gain the needed skills to succeed. At the library, our focus is heavily on early literacy development for children aged 0 – 5-years-old. One way to help encourage and grow early literacy development is with baby sign language.

According to Dr. Gwen Dewar (2018), “baby sign language, also known as baby signing, usually refers to the act of communicating with babies using a modest number of symbolic gestures.” While not an actual language or a part of American Sign Language, baby signing can have a communication benefit between children and their caregivers. Dr. Dewar (2018) also notes that “there is reason to think that easy-to-decipher, iconic gesturing can help babies learn.”

Knowing the benefits of baby sign language, we’ve pulled together a list of books that can help teach baby sign language to your little ones.

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A to Z Sign with Me by Dawn Prochovnic
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Four Seasons! Five Senses! by Dawn Prochovnic
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So Many Feelings by Dawn Prochovinc