Library Love Letters

Libraries are vibrant places full of life and stories – both real and imagined. Grundy Library is the embodiment of that sentiment. Over the years, patrons have shared with us their stories about personal connections to and memories of the Grundy Library. Some tell us they attended story hour as children and remember getting their very first library card here; others say they met their spouse while studying as a high schooler at the Library; and still others share that they attended online classes, aced their licensing exams, or landed their dream job by using Grundy Library resources. These experiences, memories, and stories always bring smiles to our faces, reminding us of why the Grundy Library is so important to community members. What is your story of the Grundy Library? Could you write it down? Would you share it with us? These stories, your Library Love Letters, will be displayed inside the Library entrance for all to read during the Library’s grand reopening Grundy Fest.