Non-Profit Fundraising: It’s About Connection

Much like sourcing grants for your nonprofit, fundraising is another critical element in setting your organization up for success. Fundraising may feel like you’re begging or demanding money. However, fundraising at its core is relationship-building. This connection with your donors can turn your shared passion into funds for your organization. Here are two tips that can help you establish and maintain meaningful donor relationships:

1. Appreciation is key. When a donor gives their time, talent, or treasure to your organization, thank them for their contribution. Studies show that donors like to be thanked at least seven times*. Some ways to say ‘thank you’ include a phone call, email, personalized card or letter, or social media posts.

2. Encourage volunteerism. If you meet someone passionate about your organization, they may want to donate their time to help your cause. People who volunteer in areas they are interested in are 60% more likely to donate their treasure*.

*Thank you to Chad Barger from Productive Fundraising and Penelope Burk for sharing their wisdom on establishing and maintaining meaningful connections in fundraising.

Be on the lookout for Donor-Centered Fundraising by Penelope Burk, a new addition to the Grundy Library’s NRC bookshelf!