Picture Book Spotlight: The Benefits of Vox Books for Young Readers

The library recently welcomed a brand-new collection of picture books – VOX Books! What exactly are these books and how can they help young readers?

VOX Books are an all-in-one audio book experience for young readers. No devices, batteries or CDs – just press a button alongside the cover of the picture book and a narrator begins to read the story to you.

Children from birth onward will have the ability to listen as a narrator reads each word of the story and alerts them to turn the page from an engaging sound. VOX Books offer the opportunity for parents and caregivers to give some independence to their young readers as they will be able to navigate the story on their own. For those caregivers and parents still reading alongside their young children, VOX Books offers the opportunity to pause the narrations so that parents can engage their young readers with questions and vocabulary from the story.

Whether your young reader is just starting out or already reading simple sentences, Vox Books offer a great option to boost reading engagement and development.

According to the National Literacy Trust benefits of using audio books include:

  • an increased access to books (especially ones that may be at a higher reading level)
  • a deeper understanding of tone, pronunciation, accents and dialects
  • development of language comprehension equal to reading a print book
  • supports emotional intelligence development
  • helps parents share stories with their children

Check out these 6 VOX Books in our Collection:

  1. Nerdycorn by Andrew Root
  2. Phoebe Dupree is Coming to Tea by Linda Ashman
  3. Don’t Push the Button! By Bill Cotter
  4. I Am Enough by Grace Byers
  5. Baby Ducks by Christina Leaf (non-fiction)
  6. Fire Trucks by Mary Lindeen (non-fiction)