Manga, Graphic Novels, and Comic Books- Oh My!

Grundy Library collects manga, comic books, and graphic novels for our patrons.  These resources are available for all ages, but we are going to focus on the Teen collection and some of our new favorite manga series. 

What is Manga? Manga is a term that is used for Japanese, Korean, or Chinese comics or graphic novels. While many of the stories resemble a sitcom or telenovela- there are also classics that have been retold in a manga format for those who have a hard time concentrating on just words. The pictures help the reader better understand the context, history, or period the stories are set in.

Below are just a few of the many series collected at Grundy Library.

When an avid gamer dies and ends up as the villain in her favorite dating game, she devises a plan that will keep her from getting thrown out of the game. However, things begin to go slightly off-course – will our heroine the villainess be able to keep out of danger?
What happens at the end of an adventure? Our main character is an elf who after a 10-year campaign decides to learn more about magic, but when she returns to her friends, one has died of old age. This series is great for D & D fans and those who like more reflective, versus action-packed series.
This high school series focuses on Midori, a hard-working student who is breaking the rules by having a part-time job. When the Chairman of the school finds out, he will let her keep her job only if she can get his son and his friends to get more involved at school and not flunk out. Will she succeed?
Like a good comedy? Our two main characters Azusa and Chika-Kun, have accidentally had their souls swapped in a tragic accident. Can a fangirl and a pop star survive living each other’s lives?
Like a good spy novel? Agent Twilight has been tasked to bring down a powerful politician whose only weak spots are his children. Thus Twilight must marry and adopt a child who can be his cover…will his daring plan work?
Like Harry Potter? Well, Mash wanted nothing more than to live at peace away from all, but to get respect and acceptance he has to attend Divine Visonary a magic school- but he may have to punch his way to the top…