Starting the School Year Well

The weather is gradually cooling down, reminding us that Fall is just around the corner and for most students that marks the beginning of their new school year. While some students are excited to be back in school there are those of us who really don’t know how to navigate this new schedule. We are here to offer you a few tips and a few helpful recommendations to help you get back on track or to begin a new journey into school schedules!

1. Get enough Sleep

Sleep is absolutely necessary to get students and parents as they attempt a new schedule. Depending on your age and body’s needs- 7-8 hours is ideal. For those attending a new school, you may want to try 8-9 hours a night. This is especially true for middle school students as their brains and bodies are growing very quickly. Your smartphone has great apps and reminders to be in bed by x if you want to be up by y. Example: If I am getting up at 6 am, I would need to be in bed no later than 10 pm.

2. Write it Down

When you are super busy it is hard to remember everything that needs to get done. The best way to remember something is to write it down. You can get a yearly planner, use Google or a Reminder App, you could also create a weekly schedule with tasks to check off if that is your desire. The important thing is to write down all the essential stuff: events, assignments, practices, etc. For really big projects, put them on the calendar early so you can begin work on them sooner…rather than the night before.

3. Prep the Night Before

If you need to take anything to school with you, the best thing is to get it ready the night before. This means lunches, what you are wearing, and all assignments should be in your school bag. By preparing the night before you will save yourself a lot of time and anxiety by prepping things.

4. Stay Positive

You will have crazy days or weeks when you don’t have time or don’t remember to do any of these steps. Staying positive is one of the most important steps in trying to get used to a new schedule. A growth mindset is one that says “Yes, this time I didn’t succeed, but I will learn and move forward.”