Museum Pass Program 10 Year Anniversary

2024 marks the ten-year anniversary of the Grundy Library’s Museum Pass program, which offers free access to a wide variety of regional museums and cultural attractions. Since its inception, this program has been embraced by our patrons and truly represents the spirit and mission of the Grundy Library: “Opening Doors, Inspiring Minds, Connecting Community.”

Our staff are extremely proud to offer this service and look forward to introducing the collection to patrons. This enthusiasm has resulted in an ever-growing group of regular museum pass users. Between 2014-2023, a total of 6,767 museum pass reservations have been placed. In 2018, the Grundy Library introduced museum pass reservation software, allowing us to track how much patrons save via this program. Between 2018-2023, patrons have saved, on average, a total of $222,730. These statistics, combined with daily positive feedback, truly highlight the deep impact of this collection.

This service, as with all Grundy Library programming, is made possible through the continued support of both the Grundy Foundation and external funders, which allows the Library to purchase and renew museum passes as well as offer access to a convenient online museum pass reservation system. In particular, we would like to acknowledge the continued support received from the Kiwanis Club of Levittown-Bristol. Their initial funding in 2014 assisted with launching this program, and for the past ten years they have generously donated funds to help sustain and grow this collection. This relationship truly represents the incredible impact organizations and individuals with shared missions can have when they pool their resources to help identify and address critical needs within their communities.

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