What are Easy Readers?

Easy Readers are books that are not quite a picture book, and not quite chapter books. Easy Readers are great for children who are learning how to read, or building their reading skills. Typically on the cover, you will find a number in the upper corner – this number reflects the reading difficulty of the book. Here are the descriptions of each number in order to accurately determine if the book is the correct reading level for your child:

My First/Pre-Reading: This is the first level and most basic type of Easy Reader. The books provide an introduction to reading through basic structures and vocabulary, and are ideal to read with someone else. Illustrations are prominent.

Level 1: For those who are just beginning to read – Level 1 books have short sentences and simple concepts, making it easy for child to determine familiar words and be able to sound them out. These books are ideal for children to read with someone else. Illustrations are prominent.

Level 2: For children who are still developing their reading skills, but are progressing their reading skills. Level 2 books provide longer sentences and vocabulary, making the books slightly more challenging while still allowing the confidence of being able to read. At this level, children may still need assistance and desire someone else to read the story with them. Illustrations are still prominent.

Level 3: For those who are able to read on their own without assistance. Level 3 books pose more of a challenge in plot, vocabulary, and topics. Illustrations are not as large or prominent.

Level 4: For children who are advanced readers but not quite ready for chapter books. Level 4 books are set up in chapters and paragraphs, preparing for the next stage of reading, but still contains few illustrations.